Arts 4 Peace Award (A4P)

Arts 4 Peace Award (A4P)

Arts for Peace Awards Organization launched the Arts 4 Peace Awards 2016

Arts 4 Peace AwardsArts 4 Peace Awards  are the first ever collective celebration of the arts of every culture around the world. The purpose of these awards is to demonstrate to each nation how vitally important their culture is to the whole fabric of our world. Despite diversity & different cultures, it is through art that we can experience these cultures as one person with one creative mind and heart.

Arts 4 Peace Awards’ vision is to provide opportunities to artists of all ages  spanning seven continents, who will be sponsored locally and celebrated globally.

The awards have been created by Ms. Munni Irone of Beverly Hills. Known as the Beverly Hills Queen, Munni is the founder & president of the Awards. It is Ms. Munni’s desire to create a world that works for everyone with no one left behind. “Art is the way that we can experience the oneness between us all,” said Ms. Irone. “I believe these awards will not only serve to lift up these wonderful artists and their cultures, but collectively this will lift the cooperation between all nations”, she added.

Awards are given for master works that best represent a message of peace  in the following categories: Dance, Music, Sculpture, Painting, Film, Martial Arts and Culinary Art. Each category will have separate divisions for entry nominated by someone or submitted directly by the artist.

The kickoff party took place with peace ambassadors from various countries & ethnic backgrounds in attendance, including several celebrities from Hollywood and other International platforms. Among the International ambassadors who attended were Dawn Diaz, Karen Hoyos, Jackie Melikian, Mark Geroux, Javid Pymani, Tehrah Taylor, Pepper Jay, Rebecca Holden, Joel Diamond, Ewart Chin, Rosalyn Kahn, Keith Mitchell, Anna Radoyce ‘Chef Anina’, Carmelita Pittman, Helene Abrams, David Giller, James Pasqual Bettio, Richard Anteau, David Young, Carol Froehlich-Hull, Jaweria Khan and several others.

“The highlight of the evening was electrifying performances by Grammy Nominee Tehrah Taylor whose ‘Phoenix Rising’ enthralled the guests & won the hearts of each & every one present.” The Indian Panorama

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