LUXME Collective – We stand together, there is nothing we can’t do

LUXME Collective – We stand together, there is nothing we can’t do

LUXME Collective – When we stand together, there’s NOTHING we can’t do!

The love and support of sisterhood goes beyond beyond… and our men LOVE IT ladies!

In the words of my incredible sister, Jamie Brandenburg, who created LUXME Collective for us to come together once a month.

“We stand together, all shapes, sizes, colors and religions and no religion as snow angels. We stand for the heart’s path and find what we have in common. We light each other up and create a safe place to be real, what ever that might look like, it feels beyond AMAZING! We stand for nature. We stand for divine sisterhood. We stand for doing things sometimes out of our comfort zone to remember how good it feels to be alive.

We stand for prosperity of belly laughter, being out of the ordinary and speaking our truth. We stand for peace, love and good will to be the best humans we can be to make a better world for us and for all our relations. Something special happens when you honor the dark and the light in your own life. You see that dark is not bad, it is not good. The light is not bad and it is not good, we all have light and we all have shadow. It is the light and the dark that gives context and contrast for us to understand and lift our vibration. Without the darkness, the light wouldn’t shine and with out the light, the darkness would consume. The luminous stars would not have it’s luster without the dark night sky. Honor all that is to give you insight into being the best version of your self.”

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Photo’s of our LUXME Collective ladies will be available tomorrow.  Thank you Gillian C. Hunter for rocking these pictures.

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